Wallace Rudolph West
Date of Birth
Mary West (mother), Rudolph West (father), Iris West (aunt), Barry Allen (uncle in law)
Super speed and stamina
Played by
Ryan Reynolds
Central City

Wally West aka the Flash is a super-hero deriving from Central City. He has the ability to run at incredible speeds out pacing even Superman and is often named the fastest man alive. He also helped form the Justice League along with other heroes.

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Early LifeEdit

Wally West was born in Central City to Rudolph and Mary West. He grew up hearing of stories about the Flash a super-hero who protected Central City from villains and that when he became too old he retired and the city's villains took over the city. Little did he know that his hero is actually his uncle, Barry Allen. When Wally was about 5, his uncle took him to the Police Laboratory where he has worked for many years and showed him his lab where he was working and left Wally alone after being called away by one of his collegues adn told Wally not to touch any of the chemicals. Wally didn't touch them for a couple of minutes before looking at a red formula before it begins to rain outside. Barry Allen is then attaching a lightning conductor to the building and connects it to the room where Wally is in. Wally then reading through a book under a cabinet of chemicals is shocked when lightning and thunder begins and then a lightning bolt hits the conductor sending the voltage down to the room where Wally is knocking over the chemicals on Wally before another lightning bolt hits and charges Wally with a massive ray of light. Barry then comes back into the room to find Wally and takes him to hospital. A few days afterwards, Wally is at school doing athletics in Sports when he begins to run much faster then anybody else and soon finds himself in the middle of downtown Central City when he stops in amazement before a car brakes to hit him before he super speeds to the pavement.

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