Fortress of Solitude is a Kryptonian structure in the artic circle and home to Superman. It was made from the Crystal of Knowledge given to Superman by his father Jor-El.



The Fortress was created from the Crystal of Knowledge and young Clark Kent entered the Fortress and was greeted by Jor-El who told him his true name: Kal-El. He then began training Kal-El for his destiny to save earth from its own destruction and that he would guide him for the rest of his life. He told Kal-El the history of Krypton and how it came to be destroyed and also helped him hone his powers and become even more powerful. Kal-El would then sometimes leave the Fortress and travel the world often saving people annonamously. After 12 years in the Fortress, Kal-El decided that he was ready to fulfill his destiny and moved to Metropolis so that he could here about the world's crisises as they happen. When Kal-El was faced with defeating Metallo, he returned to the Fortress and needed Jor-El's guidance on how to defeat his weakness of Kryptonite.



Zod's releaseEdit


Death of SupermanEdit

When LexCorp unearthed a ancient Kryptonian spacecraft, Superman came to the Fortress to speak with Jor-El and for his guidance. Jor-El told Superman a myth about a Ultimate Destroyer from ancient Krypton before their species took over the planet. He tells him that it was defeated and sent into space in a ship encrypted with a warning on the outisde and to be cautious about the ship and to throw it back into space. Lex Luthor accidently opened the ship by touching the warning and released the Ultimate Destroyer who killed Superman but died in the process. The Eradicator was temperarily possessed by Jor-El and stole his sons body from his grave in Metropolis and brought him to the Fortress where he helped him recover from death which was in actuality a coma that Kryptonians go into when near death. Shortly after, Brainiac managed to build himself a new body and continued his mission to get the knowledge from the Fortress and defeated the Eradicator and absorbed the knowledge from the Fortress before Superman awoke and defeated him by sending his broken body into the son along with Doomsday and his ship. Superman returned to the Fortress to find that he could no longer speak wiht Jor-El after Brainiac drained the Fortress.