From Home Part 1


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From Home is the seventh episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols and the first in a 2 part episode leaving the first episode with a cliffhanger.


A skull shaped ship meteor is heading towards earth before settling into orbit. Inside, Brainiac is scanning the earth looking for something and whilst scanning sees Superman save a girl and recognises his S on his chest and says to himself Kal-El, before teleporting down.

Superman lands on the roof of the Dailey Planet and super speeds down the stairs and transforms into Clark Kent. Brainiac is on the roof of the LexCorp building recording him whilst x-raying his movement down the stairs.

Clark is sat in Perry’s office when Lois’ phone rings telling her to go to a gas station out of town for more information. She then leaves the newsroom abruptly. Clark comes out of Perry’s office asking where Lois went.

Lois arrives at the gas station and Brainiac appears and grabs her from behind.

In his skull ship, Brainiac asks Lois if she knows who Kal-El and what her connection to him is. She then says that she doesn’t know at the moment which Brainiac doesn’t understand. Brainiac then asks her if she has ever seen the Crystal of Knowledge and she says she doesn’t know what he is on about and asks what he wants with her. He then presses a button and all technology is under his control and he begins to speak to the world through everything including broken radios, toasters everything. He then says that he has captured Lois Lane and that if she is to live, then Kal-El must present himself and the Crystal of Knowledge and bring it to his skull ship. Clark listens in and then transforms into Superman outside the Dailey Planet and flies upwards and into space. He then hovers in front of Brainiac’s ship. He flies towards it but is knocked back by some kind of force field and is then transported inside the ship and into a room with walls laced with kryptonite. He then begins to fall weak due to the radiation exposure as Brainiac enters with his red eyes glowing.