From Home Part 2


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From Home is the eighth episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols and the second in a 2 part episode that left the first episode with a cliffhanger.


Brainiac begins talking to Superman asking him where the crystal of knowledge is and knows that Jor-El sent it with him to earth. He says that he found out by process of elimination by showering the universe for it since Krypton’s destruction. He references that he checked Mars but found all life dead. Superman tells him that it is gone and doesn’t know where it went which angers Brainiac and he begins punching Superman and kicking him.

Brainiac leaves the kryptonite room with Superman flying on the floor. He then uses the control over the technology to look throughout earth for it at super speed and locates the Fortress of Solitude and teleports himself there.

He enters the fortress and begins to talk with Jor-El about how clever Jor-El was in sending the crystal with Kal-El but still failed in trying to protect it. Jor-El tells him that he was jointly responsible for destroying Krypton but Brainiac tells him that when he obtains the knowledge, Krypton will still live on and does anyway. He then tells Jor-El about his plan to consume all knowledge in the universe so that krypton will be the most powerful planet in the world. A spike then comes out of his left hand and he plunges it into the fortress’ console and begins downloading the fortress’ knowledge.

Lois breaks free from her detrainments and goes searching for Superman and passing doors which each have certain rooms dedicated to planets and solar systems with artefacts from each within each room and she enters one room filled with things from and dedicated to Krypton. She then notices the bottled city of Kandor and takes it.

She finds Superman and tells he tells her to try and get some lead sheet of the wall of the corridor. She does and uses it as a shield for Superman who out of the room regains strength. Superman then teleports Lois back to earth and x-rays the ship.

Superman flies back to earth as the ship explodes behind him and re-enters earths atmosphere leaving flames behind him. He arrives at the fortress and interrupts Brainiac. He stops downloading and sees Superman holding the tube containing the bottle city of Kandor. He realises that his ship has gone and attacks Superman and the two fight through the Fortresses many levels. Eventually Superman overpowers Brainiac and manages to open up his metal body and pulls out his core liquid which is Brainiac himself and uses heat vision to dispose of it which proves difficult but does eventually.

At Lois’ apartment, Superman arrives to thank her for her help and leaves his gratitude.

Somewhere in the arctic, a tiny metal spider is trekking with a transparent back full of Brainiac’s core fluid.