(Voice over from J'onn J'onzz whilst pictures of the war are seen) "The war between Green Martians and the White Martians begins after the White Martians continued to enslave the White Saturnians treating them as mear slaves and not equal. We fought for the freedom of the White Saturnians from the White Martians whose greed enraged their minds. The entire Saturnians were given freedom from Mars and placed back on a moon of Saturn whilst the Green and White Martian's continued to war. This would be our ultimate destruction."


The war has been going on for 32 years and the Green Martians have lost heavily during the war and are the bring of extinction with the White Martians outnumbering them and having more weapons and power. The Green Martians send J'onn J'onzz to collect a super weapon that will destroy the entire White Martians and he returns to Mars with a red crystal. J'onn whilst off planet accidentley found out about the Martian's natural abilites and his powers and shape shifts into a White Martian and enters their headquarters. He places the red crystal in a weapon reactor and the place begins to blow up. J'onn flies away from the blast and shifts back to his original form but the blast continues to come for him. J'onn ends up flying into space whilst the planet's surface is burnt. J'onn returns to Mars to find the White Martian's gone but also the Green Martian's as well. The civilization is almost completely gone and in anger, J'onn begins destroying the remaining building that are still visible.

February 25th, 2010

The first manned space ship to Mars' surface is in the final stages of the count down. The President of America and other important figures are present along with thousands of other at Cape Kennedy. Captain John Williams is piloting the shuttle along with two other astronauts. The Shuttle launch is a success and heads towards Mars.

May 5th, 2010

NASA spaceshuttle Evolution approaches Mars and begins its descent to the planets surface. It lands on Mars but overshoots its landing spot by 6 miles and skids along the surface and damages the left wing. NASA tells them that unless a miracle happens, that they won't be able to get home with the damaged wing and the location of the shuttle.

The President is speaking to the world and tells the world that the landing was a success and that Captain Williams and his men should be descending to the planets surface now for a live feed.