Justice League
Directed by
Christopher Nolan
Produced by
David S. Goyer
Charles Roven
Emma Thomas
Written by
Dave Nichols
Christopher Nolan
David S. Goyer
Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Martin Nodell, Gardner Fox, Joseph Samachson, Joe Certa, William M. Marston, Paul Norris, Mort Weisinger, Jack Kirby
Warner Bros.
Legendary Pictures
DC Comics
Original Film
Release Date
July 15th, 2014
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Justice League is a film written by Dave Nichols and is the first installment of his Justice League series. It details the events of Darkseid's invasion of earth in search of Brainiac and his planned takeover of the planet. It is set in the same continuity as the current Batman and Green Lantern series' as well as the Nicholsy Universe with the film set in 2010.


Darkseid, the leader of the war Apokolips, sends him son Kalibak to earth in search of Brainiac who attacked Apokolips in search of the Crystal of Knowledge. Kalibak tracks Brainiac to LexCorp technology and finds that he is spreading himself through other global networks such as Wayne Industries and Queen Industries. When Kalibak tries to destroy Brainiac, Batman tries to fight him off and Superman helps him defeat him after seeing it on the news. Darkseid then sends his entire army to earth believing that Batman and Superman are defending Brainiac and launches a full scale attack on earth. Superman calls on all the heroes to form as one unit to defeat Darkseid and his army. As the heroes of earth fight Darkseid's army including Lex Luthor who helps the heroes, Brainiac gathers strength before Darkseid himself goes to destroy Brainiac. After defeating most of the heroes, Superman engages Darkseid in a brutal battle that could swing the battle either way.






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