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Kryptonite is the third episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols.


Lex Luthor is sat in his office reading the article Lois wrote about Superman. He then shuns the paper on his desk and rings up one of his technicians and asks them what the status is on the meteor fragment, which the reply is what they expected, leaving Lex smiling.

Lois is sat at her desk talking to Clark about Superman leaving him smiling at the compliments when Jimmy comes over and asks Lois if she has got an interview with the Man of Steel yet. She says no but says she will get one before anybody else and accidentally says out loud she is in love leaving Clark and Jimmy laughing until Perry shouts at them to get back to work.

Lex is in a LexCorp lab and switches on a large machine and it emits a high pitched ringing.

Clark in the newsroom hears it and begins to hold his ears and looks around before walking to the stairs and super speeding up them and emerges at the roof as Superman.

He breaks into the lab and punches the machine stopping the noise. The lab then turns all dark as the lights go out. Lex then over a tannoy, speaks to Superman asking him his purpose on earth and what he thinks he can achieve. Superman tells him he is here to protect the people and Lex tells him nobody is that unselfish and good. Superman tells him he is leaving and Lex advises him not to leave and Superman tells him that nothing can stop him. He x-rays for the door and walks towards it and when near it Kryptonite rays shine down from the roof of the lab weakening Superman. Lex then enters the lab and says that it is his duty as a human to eliminate alien threats and begins to punch Superman. Just before superman is knocked out and uses heat vision on the rays on the roof and disables them. Lex then runs out before Superman can regain strength.

Later on, Lex is in his penthouse suit, when Superman arrives on his balcony and walks up to a frightened Lex and squares up to him and warns him against pulling stunts like that again.