Last Son of Krypton
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Last Son of Krypton is the pilot episode of the animated series Superman:Man of Steel. It is based on the movie Last Son of Krypton exploring how baby Kal-El came to depart from Krypton.


Jor-El is speaking to the Science Council about how he believes that Krypton’s super computer “Brainiac” has hit a virus and has been corrupted. He theorised that General Zod corrupted Brainiac. Zod then appears to the Science Council on a hologram and demands that the council and Krypton surrender and kneel before him. The head of the council then tells Zod that the science council does not negotiate with terrorists and that they will capture Zod. Zod then says to Jor-El that it was he who turned him down the path of evil by taking away Lara from him before the hologram disappears. The council then discuss how the war with General Zod is crippling Krypton and that it may lead to destruction.

Jor-El returns home from the science council meeting and is greeted by Lara holding baby Kal-El. Jor-El tells Lara his theory of Brainiac’s corruption and that it may lead to Armageddon. He then tells his that he is planning to capture Zod tonight as one of his contacts has told him Zod is going after the Crystal of Knowledge in Kandor City and will ambush him there.

Zod and his disciples Ursa and Non are travelling towards Kandor City on there hover vehicles called the “Jor-El”. They are crossing a bridge that leads into Kandor City when the ground begins shaking. A crack appears between Kandor and the bridge and then Kandor City floats upwards away from Krypton’s surface. Zod and his disciples then turn around to find Jor-El and the forces waiting for him to arrest.

The 3 villains are being trialled for treason against Krypton and are then placed into the Phantom Zone for their crimes. Jor-El then leaves the trial to speak with some council members present and he discusses with them his predictions about how Krypton’s gravity field can sustain itself without Brainiac due to the war and will lead to destruction. The other members tell Jor-El to keep quiet and to not panic the people.

Weeks later, Jor-El and Lara are placing baby Kal-El in a ship and send with him the Crystal of Knowledge from Kandor City and send the ship on its way too earth.

As the ship leaves Krypton, the planet explodes behind.


  • The story is similar in notion to that of the feature films written by Nicholsy.