Last Son of Krypton
Directed by
David S. Goyer
Produced by
David S. Goyer
Charles Roven
Emma Thomas
Written by
Dave Nichols
Warner Bros.
Legendary Pictures
DC Comics
Original Film
Release Date
July 4th, 2011
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Superman: Last Son of Krypton is a movie written by Dave Nichols. It is set in Metropolis 2006 shortly after the events shown in The Dark Knight.


When his home planet is about to be destroyed, Jor-El and his wife Lara send their only infant son away to a youngle couple on a distant planet called earth. He is raised by a chosen family and grows up whilst developing superhuman powers before he is contacted by his late father through a crystal that guids him to his destiny. After training with an artificial intelligent version of his father in a Kryptonian building constructed from the crystal, he returns to civilization to protect the world from destruction, adopting the name Superman. But this brings him enemies in the form of Lex Luthor who plans to test Superman's strength using his henchman, Johnny Corben before using a prototype military project that unknowingly is powered by Superman's weakness. Superman not only attracts enemies, but women who are in love with him in the shape of Lois Lane, who aims to get the ultimate interview with Superman, who unbeknown to her, is her partner Clark Kent in disguise.



October 30, 1983

A small crystal spaceship is flying through space before it enters earth's atmosphere buring up whilst passing through the atmosphere with the crystals becoming charred. It heads towards America before landing in Kansas, crashing through the barn of a local farm in Smallville. The couple who own the farm, come out and see the ship before looking at each other. The male runs inside and comes back out with a crystal similar in colour to the ship and opens the ship using it revealing a young boy inside wrapped in a red cloth.

June 15th, 1997

The young boy now grown up is super speeding around an athletics track before he hears a dog barking, before a car braking before all of the sounds around are magnified. He clutches his ears before it stops and all he can hear is a women screaming. He follows the sound using his super speed and sees a woman trapped in her car which is stick on a level crossing with a freight train about to hit. The boy using his speed to get to the car before the train and picks it up and carries it away from the crossing before the train could hit. He then hears a woman calling out to him telling him his dinner is ready. He then speeds off and arrives at his farm and sits at the table blowing over the juice with the draft from his entrance. His father, Jonathan Kent addresses the boy as Clark Joseph Kent and tells him not to use his abilities in the house and that to make sure nobody watches. Clark excited, tells Jonathan about himself being a hero and saving the women but Jonathan is angry and tells him never to use his abilites outside of the farm. For punishment, Clark is told to clean the barn floor of hay before his dinner without his abilities.

Whilst clearing the hay, Clark stabs the pitch fork through the barn floor by accident and then pulls it back out along with a hidden trap door. Curiously, Clark grabs a lantern and goes down the steps and into an old bunker where the only thing in the bunker, is a large cloth covered object with a single shelf with another rag covered object on it. Clark pulls the cloth from the large object to reveal the crystal ship, with some of the crystals still charred from its descent to earth. He takes the rag off the other object to reveal the crystal which he picks up and looks at in amazement before it begins to glow blindingly bright to which Clark drops it. He runs to the farm and tells Jonathan and Martha who are sat at the table eating, but they just look at each other. They tell Clark that he arrived in the ship and crashed through the barn when he was only young and they took him in. They also tell him that another like himself years before crashed through the barn in the very same spot and gave them the crystal. Clark unable to take it all in, speeds off.

Clark is sat up a tree with a girl called Lana Lang discussing Clark's powers. Clark says that he wishes that he didn't have them but Lana tells him that he shouldn't say that and is glad that he has them and that she will never tell anyone about them. Clark then tells Lana that he has been granted an apprentership at the Daily Planet once they finish school and Lana expresses it her dream to work at the Daily Planet. Clark tells her that there is something else before telling her he arrived in a ship under his barn. Lana shocked at the news, falls from the branch but Clark speeds down and catches her. Lana runs off leaving Clark.

The next morning, Martha enters Clark's room to find him packing a bag with the crystal on his bed. She asks where he is going and he says that he doesn't belong on the farm and that he is going to find his destiny and thanks Martha for looking after him and taking him and that he will always remember he and Jonathan and will return one day. Martha tells him that she understands and will distract Jonathan so that Clark can leave peacefully. Jonathan enters the farm house to grab a drink where Martha kisses him and asks him when the last time they had alone. Clark then slips out of the back door before speeding off, leaving his dog barking.

June 25th, 1997

Clark is walking through a blissard deep within the Arctic Circle. He pulls from his bag, the crystal and holds it up with it glowing with a voice telling him 50 paces forward.
LF 047 033 MPsketch v02

The Fortress constructs

Clark walks the paces when the crystal begins shaking in Clark's hands before flying away from him and into the air with Clark unable to see it through the blizzard. The crystal flies back down and into the ground revealing a lake and cracks all of the ground with Clark running back to solid ground. He then turns around to see large crystalline columns appearing from under the frozen lake continuing untill it eventually forms a building of sorts.
Inside Fortress of Solitude

Inside the Fortress

Clark tentitavely enters the large building to find the inside to be a maze of sorts. He walks through the building, that holds large cavenous drops before he sees the crystal powering the building and goes to take it before a voice tells him that he does not need that anymore. He turns to see a man stood on a podium in front of a console that hangs over one of the drops. He asks who he is and the man tells him he is his father, Jor-El and that he is Kal-El.
Krypton doom

Krypton's destruction



Kal-El asks him where he has been and Jor-El explains that he no longer exists but an artifical version of him controls this Fortress of Solitude. He explains that when building Kal-El's ship, he put a programme of his brainwaves in the ship and knowing that the Kents' would use the crystal, allowed his brainwaves to pass into the crystal and take control of it. He tells Kal-El that the crystal holds the entire knowledge of his race and he brung it here for its safety from a super intelligence and that he will train Kal-El to hone his powers and become a powerful being who's destiny lies on earth protecting its people and saving another planet from destruction. Jor-El tells Clark that he must first learn about his heritage and tells him about Krypton. He tells him about its technology and the creation of Brainiac. He also tells him about the war with General Zod and his inprisonment and how Brainiac gained a virus somewhere and since then, thrived for unlimited knowledge and that he had to hide the crystal for Krypton's future that know lies with Kal-El. He also tells him about his family, the "House of El", the Science Council and other important things from Krypton. We see Kal-El training and honing his powers as well as seeing him practicing being a hero by saving people from around the world, in China, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as stopping a terrorist attack in America. We also see him watching the Kent Farm from a distance.

May 19th, 2006

Kal-El is sleeping whilst floating in mid air before he is awoken by Jor-El who tells him that a great danger has entered the Fortress when the fortress goes dark. A machine bearing the symbol of the House of El enters and attacks Kal-El who defends himself but the machine has the same powers as Kal-El but Kal-El overpowers the machine and rips it in half with his strength. The fortress lightens up again and Jor-El tells him that his training is fully complete and that it is time to fulfill his destiny and there is nothing left to teach. Kal-El thanks Jor-El and tells him he will return. Kal-El then flies from the Fortress and into the air before flying up and into space before hovering above earth.

He sighs before flying back down and back to the Kent Farm. He enters the farm house to find Martha Kent mulling over a picture of her, Jonathan and Clark. He calls to her and she is delighted to see him and hugs him saying she knew he would return. Clark says it has been too long and asks where Jonathan is, but Martha turns away and says that he has passed on to which Clark asks when and how. Martha tells him that he had an heart attack shortly after the fireworks for the millennium and the doctors said that he took on too much looking after the farm on his own. Clark says that it is his fault and that if he hadn't had left he could have stopped it but Martha says that he was too stubborn and did not want help running the farm but Clark says that they wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway.

At sunset, Clark is watching it from the Kent Farm porch when Martha approaches him and consoles Clark and asks him where he has been all these years, asking if he went home. He says he found his destiny but feels that he can't do much in the world anyway and is needed on the farm. Martha tells him that he isn't needed and she needs to show him something. She opens up a large trunk from under the stairs and pulls out a blue suit bearing the symbol of the House of El. Clark asks where she got it from and says that the man who gave them the crystal was wearing it and gave it to Jonathan as a present, before getting out the cloth that he was wrapped in as a child. She says to him that if he is going to save the world, he needs a uniform.

The next day, Clark is wearing one of Jonathan's old suits and carrying a suitcase when Martha tells him to hunk his shoulders more to look more normal. She then gives him Jonathan's old reading glasses and tells him that Jonathan would want him to do this and that she is very proud of him. He then goes out and attempts to fly off, but Martha tells him to catch the bus and that she will give him a lift to the bus station.

Lois Lane is sat at her desk which is full of papers and is a total mess. A young boy called Jimmy Olsen comes over with a brown coffee for her jsut the way she likes it. Perry White the Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet and comes over to her desk and tells her that she needs a story badly otherwise she is being bumped down to gossip columns if her next story isn't front page material. She tells him that she is on something big and that she and Jimmy will get the story and the pictures. Perry tells her that they will be joined by a new face to lighten up the newsroom and that they will be partners. Lois says she doesn't want a partner but Perry tells her that he has a six pack and is an out of towner. Lois agrees and tells Perry she is getting on the story right away but he tells her to wait for her partner. She runs off with Jimmy and goes to enter the lift but bumps into Clark, spilling her paperwork and his as well with his glasses falling off. Clark recognises her and says that he is Clark her new partner, but Lois says she hasn't got a partner and enters the lift but Clark follows her and Jimmy says he will take his paperwork. Lois followed by Clark get into a taxi outside the Daily Planet and head for LexCorp headquarters.

They arrive and Lois tells Clark to pay the fare and she marches through reception but the receptionist tells them they can't pass. Lois says she has access and passes through the security gate using a card named "General Samuel Lane". Clark asks how she got past and Lois says it is a perk of having a 2 star General as a dad. They arrive on the penthouse floor and go to enter Lex Luthor's office but his security guard Johnny Corben grabs Lois and drags her backwards. Clark interviens and tells him to let her go but Johnny looks Clark down who backs off eventually after being physically weakened by his green bracelet before Lois tells them to leave. Then, Lex Luthor tells asks them if they want tea or coffee. They are sat in his lounge area of his office and Lois begins the interview by asking how he convinced the Microsoft and Apple board of director's to sell up their multi billion companies, but Lex says that it is undisclosed and a trade secret. She says that the only corporations that can now challenge LexCorp is Queen Industries and Wayne Industries and asks if he plans to buy those as well. Lex laughs it off and says that he is planning on creating the most revolutionary computers the world has ever seen. Lex says that interview time is over and he has an important meeting and leaves Johnny to see the couple out. They grab a taxi and tell the driver to follow teh hekicopter leaving the LexCorp rooftop.

They eventually follow it to a seemingly abandened warehouse in which the roof opens to allow the helicopter to enter. Lois says that this is more like it and that Perry has got his page 1 scoop. They find a hole in the old perimeter fench and break open a side entrance using a crowbar, to find lots of scientists working on various mechanical robots with Lex observing with army generals including Lois' father. Lois takes pictures on her phone before they leave the way they came in to be greeted by Lex's security guard who asks them what they are doing. Lois says running and punches him before running followed by Clark who is again weakened. They get in the taxi and make a run for it. They get on the road before a blacked out BMW gives chase. Corben then hangs out the passenger side shooting at the taxi before pulling to the side of the cab and tells the driver to stop. Lois tells him to carrying on driver. She then tells Clark to open the door and jump out but the door hits a passing car and is knocked off. The taxi then swiftly turns slinging Clark out of the car and onto the road where a car is about to hit him but he super speeds out of the way. He stops down an alley then takes off his glasses and looks up before flying and throwing away his clothes to reveal the blue suit and red cloth forming a cape, with his clothes landing in an apartment to the bemusement of the owner. Corben then tries to shoot Lois but she ducks before shooting the tires on the taxi with the driver losing control almost. Corben anoyed that they are still driving, shoots the driving in the head killing him before looking at Lois before looking forward and sees the edge of the freeway and jumps out of the car only to be hit by a passing car. Lois tries to open the door but finds it locked and sees the drivers body leaning on the lock button. The car then flies over the edge of the freeway and a super fast moving re-blue blur flies past all of the cars on the freeway and flies and grabs the car, revealing Clark. He then flies the car back up tot he freeway and sets it back down leaving Lois stunned. The cars on the freeway stop and are also stunned before clapping Clark. He pulls off the door and helps Lois out who springs a kiss on him before asking his name. He addresses himself as "Kal-El" but Lois tells him that isn't a proper name and says from know on your called.. Superman. He then goes to check on Corben who is in a bad way and leans over to check his pulse but is again weakened by his bracelet which Corben notices before Superman flies away leaving the crowd on the freeway in awe. Lois then stumbles to find another cab to see Clark ask her what happened and she says only the best thing ever and that they have their page 1.

They arrive back in the newsroom and are greeted by Jimmy who asks them how the interview went and Lois says better then expected. She throws her coat off to Clark and begins writing her article. Perry comes to her desk and asks her what she has. She tells Perry it is a surprise and that this is going to be big as in Elvis is dead big.

Lex Luthor is reading the next day's headline which reads "Who is Superman?" whilst sat in a hospital chair next to Johnny Corben's bed where he lays in bandages and casts. He awekens and tells Lex that Lois and her partner got photos of Project:Metallo and that they need to be sorted out. Lex says that it isn't his problem no more as he can't have a security guard who is disfigured and only has one working limb. He then gives Corben the paper before heading to leave but Johnny says he is more valuable then Lex realises and tells Lex that they won't get near Lois and her friend with this Superman protecting her to which Lex says that they have a problem. Corben says he thinks he knows what hurts Superman...

Lois enters the newsroom to an applause from the entire room and goes and sits at her desk. Jimmy comes over with her coffee and tells Lois that she is the talk of the city. She says she isn't finished and that she will bag an interview with Superman when Clark pops his head over the counter from his desk opposite. Lois says Clark is her lucky charm when Perry shouts Lois and Clark into his office. Perry sits them down and tells him that their his new star couple and they are to get an interview with Superman before any other papers, find out where he is from, what he can do and what he wants. Lois says she will get the interview when Clark interupts ans says "We will get it chief". The three then walk out of Perry's office and Perry shouts that if the story is not Superman then don't come into work. He then shouts to Jimmy to work with Lois and Clark and get the pictures.

Johnny Corben is being pushed on a hospital bed through various corridors before arriving in the Project: Metallo factory where he is greeted by Lex. Corben recognises the place and asks Lex what he is going to do to him and tells him he will be getting prosthetic limbs using the Metallo metal so it is super strong and that then he will be able to test Superman and see what he can do. He is then introduced to Dr Emmett Vale who discovered the metal and is heading the project and she begins to measure Corben's limbs.

Lois, Clark and Jimmy are walking down main street in Metropolis and are brainstorming on how to get an itnerview with Superman when they don't know where he lives or anything. Clark hears a jewellery store being robbed on the other side of the city and makes an excuse to leave but Lois and Jimmy aren't really listening and Clark slips down an alley and changes into Superman and flies to the robbery. Lois and Jimmy then hear people chearing and turn to see Superman flying down the street with Jimmy snapping a quick snap and quickly hail a cab and ask him to follow Superman but the cabi says he is too fast. Superman arrives at the robbery and the gunman fire a shot at Superman who catches the bullet with his fingers and then approaches the gunman who keeps firing until empty before pistol whipping Superman to no avail. Superman then picks up the gunman and his accompalis and takes them outside where he uses his arctic breathe to freeze their legs together so they cannot run away. Police arrive just as Superman is flying off and adn he waves to them and they thank him and then look at the robbers. Lois and Jimmy's cab then shortly arrives after where Jimmy snaps pictures of the robbers with their legs frozen solid and Lois then interviews one of them who mentions that Lex Luthor will ge them out to which Lois asks why he would do that. He says that Luthor paid them to rob the store so Superman would show. Clark then appears and asks what is going on and Lois says asks him where he went and he says to get a pizza with Lois telling him that Luthor put them behindt he store robbery.

Lex is sat at his desk in LexCorp tower watching footage of the robbery and watching Superman using his abilities when Johnny walks in looking normal and Lex says that his 2 million was spent well. Lex tells him to hunt Superman down and really test him.

Superman is flying all around the world at night saving hundreds of lives in all continents being spotted in Beijeing, armed forces in Iraq and other places before hearing of trouble in Metropolis. He arrives on mains treet to find Corben using his new limbs to destroy cars and easily overpower people. Superman arrives and tells him to stop but Corben tells him that he is his prize and approaches Superman who stands there expecting to easily defeat him but when Corben gets nearer, his green bracelet weakens Superman and when Corben goes to punch him, Superman is overpowered as his powers are nulified and Corben beats Superman to the floor. Corben then kicks Superman in his side really hurting him and Superman crawls away with Corben taunting him, Superman regains his powers after getting about 10 feet away and feels his strength and uses his super breathe to blow Corben over adn backwards. Corben gets up and says that he isn't a real fighter by having to stand so far away so Superman uses his heat vision and concentrates it on Corben's bracelet which blows up in hiws face and sends him back revealing his mechanical arm and that his hand has been blown off. He then approaches Superman and goes to attack him but Superman pushes him away sending him flying 50 feet and into a car. He then gets up and punches the car and holds his chest with Superman walking towards him when the police arrive and hold up Corben. But he instead pulls off a car tire and throws it at the police with the fuel ont he car leaking when the police begin firing at Corben who hides behind the door and begins firing back. Superman watches on and is about to leave and let the police handle it when he notices the fuel adn tells the police to stop but they keep firing and one ignites the fuel blowing up the car and leaving Corben severely injured. Superman grabs him and flies him to Metropolis General before flying off and away to the Fortress of Solitude.

He enters and is greeted by Jor-El who asks him why he comes. Superman asks him if there is any weaknesses that he may have as the green materiel on Corben's bracelet nulled his powers. Jor-El sasy that he did not wish to tell him in case he told humans but the green rock is Kryptonite, radioactive pieces of Krypton that made up the planets core. He says that it is a deadly source and must be avoided and says that pieces of Krypton may have made it to earth. Superman asks if there is anything to contain the radiation and Jor-El tells him that what earth would call lead is what was used to null the effects on Krypton.

Corben is again back at the Metallo factory and asks Luthor if he knew about Superman's powers. Luthor denies it and Corben agrees unsure of Luthor. Lex then tells him that he will be getting the ultimate upgrade and if he is going to defeat Superman and get revenge he will need more power. Corben then tells him to power his armor by using the green meteor as it is what weakens Superman.

Clark enters the newsroom the next day and finds Lois and Jimmy working and hacking into LexCorp files. He asks them why and Lois says that the robbers from the day before said that Luthor paid them to rob the store and wonder why a billionaire would want them to and that she thinks it has something to do with Superman. Jimmy unlocks the encryption and files begin to download and Jimmy clicks on the Project: Metallo file before clicking on a live uplink and a video switches on of Corben being transformed into a machine with him screaming in pain as the procedure is done with him awake. Jimmy turns it off and clicks on another file titled Spaceman which he opens and finds it all about Superman with it being a log of what Luthor knows about Superman. It has the variety of powers that he has used so far, the green radiated meteor as his weakness and that Superman was far superior to the strength of Corben's first upgrade. The files then begin to delete themselves as LexCorp has found them and Jimmy begins to copy the Metallo file as well as the Spaceman file but before the copy completes, the files are deleted.

At his LexCorp penthouse office, Lex's assistant Mercy Graves comes in and notifies Lex that somebody hacked into LexCorp files and was viewing classified information and they followed the IP address to a computer at the Daily Planet, belonging to Lois Lane. Lex thanks her and says that he will have to deal with Miss Lane.

Lois, Clark and Jimmy are in Perry's office explaining to him about the files they viewed and want him to put it on the front page exposing Lex for his experiments on people. Perry tells them to get evidence and then he can print it but without it, there is no story. Clark then hears people screaming and makes an excuse to leave to go and save them. Lois tells Jimmy that they will get the story and that they need to get to the secret warehouse and leave without Clark.

Lex visits the warehouse to see Corben who is tied down on a bed in the shadows with only a green light showing and tells him that Lois Lane has been snooping in classified files and that she needs to be terminated. Corben says that he wants Superman but Lex tells him that Lois is the reporter he chased when he had his accident. Corben then breaks his restraints and says he will get her and will stop anyone who opposes him.

Lois and Jimmy are in a taxi on the way to the warehouse with the Indian taxi driver asking them what they think os Superman and says that Superman saved his wife on a subway train two days ago when the driver had a heart attack. He then sees Lois' press pass and realises she wrote the story exposing Superman and asks her for her autograph but she says to him to just drive. He turns back around just as a car is flying through the air and hits the taxi killing the driver. Lois and Jimmy get out to see Corben, transformed into a cyborg with only his head still left with artifical skin covering his machine parts. Lois and Jimmy run but Corben runs too fast and easily catches them where Jimmy tries to punch him but Corben catches his punch and throws Jimmy through the adjescent shop window. He then walks to grab Lois who hits him with her bag before he grabs her picking her up.

Clark arrives back at Perry's office to find perry working alone. He asks here Lois and Jimym are and he tells them they went to chase the Metallo story and Clark, realising that Lex would send somebody after them leaves hastally. He goes into a storeroom and sheds his clothes and flies out of the window smashing it and goes to hunt Corben.

Corben is holding Lois and is climbing up a tall skyscraper before reaching the roof. He asks Lois what she knows about LexCorp files and she says she knows he is a freak and just a pawn who doesn't know he was set up and that Lex was using him to see how poewrful Superman was. He says that may be the case but he will take care of Lex as well for betraying him and hangs Lois over the edge before saying goodbye before letting her go. Lois is falling and screaming which Superman hears who was flying tot he direction of the warehouse and flies as fast as he can towards downtown Metropolis flying low and knocking people over and setting car alarms off because of the force he is giving off and catches Lois before she hits the floor. Lois sighs a relief adn says she knew he would be there for her. He then flies her to teh Daily Planet rooftop and tells her to stay here and be safe and she asks him for a interview and he agrees but not right now. She says that he must care about her if he is her private gaurdian angel and Superman just smiles before flying off. He flies to find Corben waiting for him on the rooftop and Superman lands and is weakened immediately where Corben runs up and kicks him in his head making his nose bleed. He then picks Superman up adn begins punching him in his stomach before punching him in his head knocking him out. He then says that nobody can stop him and he jumps to the next building and so on towards LexCorp tower. He bursts through a window on a lower floor to Lex's office and the workers try to attack him so he attacks them throwing some out of the window and others against the wall. Superman re-awakens and feels his powers rebooting themselves and sees the sun setting and so flies into space to get direct sun rays to fully power him. He then flies back down to earth adn to LexCorp. Lex is sat at his desk with a grenade launcher in his hand under his desk when Corben kicks the doors open and says that he won't be taken for a fool and thought Lex trusted him but was wrong. Lex then apologises before firing the grenade launcher at him sending Corben backwards but he gets back up with only an explosion mark on his chest and his artificial skin removed before he grabs Lex by the throat and throws him against he wall. Corben then smashes the window and says he wonders if Lex can fly like Superman adn wonders if Superman would catch him given that he used people against him. Corben then begins to walk towards to Lex when a heavey metal chain flies and grabs Corben pulling him out of the office with Superman holding the other end revealing it to be an anchor. Superman then uses the anchor as a hammer and throws Corben away from the city and into an area near Suicide Slums. Superman follows Corben and lands on teh street watching him crawl out of the ground where he landed. Corben then runs at Superman who uses his super breathe to blow him back and says he won't let him get near him. Corben then stands up and pulls from his back a kryptonite grenade and throws it at Superman who doesn't realise its material before too late and it blows up in his face severely weakening him. Corben then runs and pounces on Superman continually punching him. He then picks him up and throws him into the houses at the side of the road. Superman weakened realises he has no strength with the kryptonite before looking and seeing a tin of lead based paint lying next to him. When Corben approaches and jumps at Superman, he grabs the paint and throws it on Corben covering the kryptonite who still his Superman. Corben then mocks Superman and goes to hit him again but Superman catches his punch this time to Corbens shock and tries to hit him again but Superman catches it again and punches Corben denting his armor badly and sending him flying into the air and over the houses. Lois is in a taxi when Corben's body lands on the bonit with the driver stopping. Lois gets out and doesn't believe it when Corben gets up and grabs Lois when Superman arrives and Corben threatens to kill Lois if Superman doesn't let him go and that Lex programmed him to kill Superman but Lois intervenes and says that there isn't any programming and his brain runs the robotics. Corben tells her to shut up and looks to find Superman gone. He begins to turn around looking for Superman who appears behind and uses his heat vision to slice through Corben's arm holding Lois before kicking him downt he street. Lex then arrives with a team of LexCorp security who begin shooting at Corben. He goes to attack them but Superman uses his arctic breathe to freeze the bullets in mid air and then uses his heat vision to blow up the kryptonite on Corben's chest. He goes over to Corben to find him breathing slower and slower when Lex walks over and tells him the kryptonite powers his robotics and his brain and he is dying. Suddenly lots of goverment vehicles arrive and surround everybody before a black women gets out and says that they will take Corben and Lex addresses her as Amanda Waller and she then looks at Supemran with a dirty look. Superman then flies off and goes to the Metallo warehouse and bursts through the roof and tells all the scientists to get out where he begins to use hsi heat vision to destroy all the Metallo prototypes and all the equipment. He then sees a reactor and begins punching it causing it go unstable before leaving and watching the building blow up. Superman then uses his super breathe to put the fire out before flying and picking Lois up and flying her back tot eh Daily Planet rooftop and saying that he told her to stay here. Lois says that she has selective hearing and asks for the interview now but Superman tells her that he will be here tomorrow midnight and he will have it then before flying off.

May 28th, 2006

Clark walks into the newsroom to see Jimmy with a slling on and a couple of stictches and Lois writing up her interview story which Clark tries to read but Lois says that it is her eyes only to which Clark sarcastically says that millions will read it when it is published. Lois laughs and says that Clark will never get as close to Superman as she did and that she thinks he likes her. Clark then says that Lois is a beautiful woman and that any man would like to date Lois when Lois asks him if he fancies her but Clark gets all shy and clumsy knocking over a coffee onto Perry's crotch as he walks past.


  • Perry mentions the world is full of super-heroes along the east coast, referencing Batman and Superman with Gotham and Metropolis both cities on the east coast of America.
  • Perry also mentions a hero that existed years ago in Central City called the Flash, referencing Barry Allen.
  • Jimmy also mentions the events of The Dark Knight and calls the Joker "that clown nutt job".