Man of Steel is a kids show by ElectricMayhem. The main cast includes Kevin Conroy as Superman and Clark Kent, Tricia Helfer as Lois Lane, Josh Keaton as Jimmy Olsen, Nolan North as Lex Luthor, and John DiMaggio as Perry White.

Season 1Edit

Episode ListEdit

Name: Plot: Introduces: Guest Voices: Writer:
Kryptons Fall Pt. 1 Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist, invents a super-computer, the Brain InterActive Construct. The system is programmed to protect and control the planet, and is hooked up and powered by the planets very core. It goes well until the machine gets some bugs, and starts to glitch. It goes crazy and ycreates a new robot body by controlling the machines in Jor-El's lab. The robot works as a body for the computer. It destroys everything in its path... including the planet! Jor-El, Brainiac Paul Bettany as Jor-El, Tom Kane as Brainiac