Mercy Graves

Mercy Graves

Mercy Graves
Date of Birth
Played by
Micha Barton
New York City, Earth

Mercy Graves is the loyal personal assistant of Lex Luthor and employee of LexCorp.


Early LifeEdit


Working for LexEdit

She got a job working as a cleaner at LexCorp and was cleaning Lex's office when he entered and told her she was too pretty for a cleaner and sacked his current secretary and gave her the job instead.

When Lois Lane and new reporter Clark Kent case to interview Lex concerning his recent purchase of Apple.Inc and Microsoft, she tried to pull the glasses off of Clark telling him that he would look better without them to the dismay of Lois who she thought was jealous and that she liked Clark before showing them into Lex's office.

Shortly after Lex accidently let General Zod out of the Phantom Zone, they were in his office when Mercy entered and asked Zod if he wanted a tea or coffee but Lex told her to get out and he didn't want disturbing but Zod grabbed her arm and said that the women on earth were much better looking then on Krypton apart from a girl called Lara. Mercy tried to pull away but with Zod's suepr strength was unable until he let her go when she fell on the floor.

She was stoof next to Lex at his press conference about unearthing the ancient Kryptonian ship.