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Metallo is the fourth episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols.


Inside a LexCorp lab station, a machine is being readied with a kryptonite chunk being placed on its chest and then the eyes activate, turning red.

Superman is stopping a bank robbery, handing over the robbers to the police before flying into the sky. A figure wearing a hat and trench coat is in the back ground watching before disappearing down an alley.

Jimmy enters the newsroom and asks Clark if he is reporting on the bank robbery and says he didn’t see the incident but has heard what happened. Lois says that she is chasing a story and to tell Perry she is going to Canada.

She enters a cab outside the Dailey Planet and tells the driver City Airport.

The cab then drives past the City Airport turnoff and Lois tells the driver who locks the doors and speeds up.

In the newsroom, all the TV stations get cut off by a pirate station and the figure appears and tells Superman to come to Warehouse 15 at the docks or Lois will die. Clark then zooms off.

Superman arrives at Warehouse 15 and X-Rays for Lois and finds her and zooms over. He breaks her chains and the figure appears from the shadows and takes off his clothes to reveal his metal skeleton and glowing Kryptonite heart and introduces himself as Metallo. Superman then becomes weakened but still manages to punch Metallo backwards across the warehouse. He follows Metallo and goes to punch him again but becomes heavily weakened near him and Metallo knocks him back. Metallo repeatedly punches Superman across the ware house leaving Lois watching worried. Superman, now nearly unconscious, attempts to punch Metallo who grabs Superman’s neck and begins to squeeze. Lois comes from behind Metallo and hits him over the head with a pole which breaks against him and he knocks her away. Superman then becomes angry and his eyes glow bright red before shooting his heat vision at full blast at Metallo’s kryptonite heart exploding the kryptonite and disabling Metallo.

The police arrive to take Metallo’s shell away but before they can, Superman crushes it with his hands into a cube.

Metallo’s shell then arrives at LexCorp’s labs where Lex is watching over it and says that improvements are to be made.