Project 3235
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Project 3235 is the sixth episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols.


In a LexCorp lab, Lex Luthor is watching over a flock of clones that are incomplete. He says to an assistant he needs Superman’s blood to make them complete super soldiers.

Lex’s mistress is at the top of LexCorp tower where Superman is trying to talk her down. Superman then lands on the building and she brings out a kryptonite laced syringe and takes some blood from Superman.

Luthor is looking at the blood in his lab analysing it to see what differs from human blood. He gives a sample of it to his assistant and starts transferring it to the soldiers.

Clark enters the newsroom and feels a bit drowse and has a headache and tells Lois about Superman’s attack. Lois asks Clark for the story in exchange for the oil baron story which he aggress to.

One of Lex’s clone soldiers has awaken at 60% and is training with weapons with other soldiers just beginning to wake up in the background.

Hours later, the first clone is at 100% and is leading an army of unfinished clones into the streets of Metropolis.

They begin ordering people about putting them into categories of age, sex and threat level.

Some clones then enter the Dailey Planet and categorise the reporters. Lois, Clark, Perry and Jimmy are split up and Clark disables one of the clones and transforms into Superman when nobody is looking. Superman then disables all the clones in Metropolis and has a showdown with the leader clone on downtown. They begin fighting with Superman eventually defeating him and putting all the clones and weapons into a small building and picks it up using the floor and takes it into space and then throws it into space.