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Solar is the fith episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols.


In the newsroom, Clark is reading the newspaper about the recent solar flare. Lois enters the newsroom and begins bragging about her kiss with Superman to fellow female reporters at the coffee machine which makes Clark smile. He then hears a woman screaming and zooms off.

Superman is flying towards a block off flats in Suicide Slums and swoops down and flies into the building crashing through the wall of the building before grabbing the woman and taking her to safety.

He then flies to the Fortress of Solitude and asks Jor-El what happened to his powers when he lost control. Jor-El tells him tells him that the recent solar flare can either weaken him or super charge his powers and advisers him to avoid using his powers until it has passed, which Superman tells him he can’t do as he has a duty.

In the newsroom, Lois and Jimmy are discussing what to Superman earlier as Clark walks in and breaks the door handle. Perry comes out of his office and asks if the trio are going to get some work done today and then shouts someone to fix the door handle before leaving.

2 Days later, Lois is in the newsroom reading the paper about Superman being missing for 2 days as nobody has seen him. She then notices Clark hasn’t been in either and goes round to his flat.

She knocks at the door and when he answers she asks him where he has been for the past couple of days and jokingly asks if he is Superman’s spawn as he has been missing for the last couple of days. He says he hasn’t been very well and she demands they go out for some dinner which Clark is worried about but she begins throwing his clothes at him.

Sat outside a café in downtown, Clark looks up at the sun shining brightly and goes to pick up his cup and he breaks off the handle. Lois then looks at him when cars tyres can be heard screeching with the person trying to brake but they have been cut. Lois runs to the side of the road to try a picture of the car on her phone so Clark slips down the alley next to the café and transforms into Superman and gets in front of the car and stands still as the car hits him.

Days later, Superman wakes up in hospital with Lois sat next to him as he gets up and is fully healed and Lois holds his hand asking him if he is alright and he says he is fine.