Superman Appocalypse is the 4th and final film of ElectricMayhem's film franchise... not counting the Lobo and Bizarro spin-offs.


"Son, if you are listening to this message, Darkseid, lord of Apokolips, has escaped The Phantom Zone. And, in the center of Earth, is a magic hidden gem, and I want you to stop him from taking it. Son, you must stop him from releasing DoooomsdEEEEEEECH!!!"

-Jor-El's message, which is interrupted

Superman finally becomes a hero again, instead of an outlaw. But when Darkseid escapes the Phantom Zone, he wants to destroy Earth and make everyone a slave on Apokolips. Superman gets a hologram from his father, Jor-El, stating that Darkseid has been freed. However, the message is interrupted before Doomsday's name is said.