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Toys are Us is the second episode of the Superman:Man of Steel (User:Nicholsy) animted series written by Dave Nichols.


An 18 year old Clark Kent is placing some flowers on the grave of Jonathan Kent before super speeding away across the many fields in the distance.

He arrives on an open field in the arctic circle and reveals the Crystal of Knowledge and stabs it into the ground. The ground then shakes and shudders in a line in front of Clark and crystal columns appear from the ground and when finished, presents the Fortress of Solitude.

Clark enters and is greeted by Jor-El who explains to Clark his name and heritage. He then tells him the importance of this Fortress and that many evil forces from Krypton will look for the crystal and he must train and prepare him for those tasks. Jor-El then begins to explain Krypton’s history.

12 Years Later, Perry White is shouting Lois into his office and introduces her to an now older Clark Kent who goes shy around Lois. She dismisses him as a geek and tells him if they are a team then she leads and that she has a story for them already that is front page material.

The duo are in Lex Luthor’s office after an interview and when Lex enters, Lois begins firing questions at him about “Project 3235” in which he alls security and warns Lois about being too nosey.

The leave the LexCorp tower and Clark suggests they go for some dinner and asks Lois if she wants anything and she agrees telling him it is not a date.

They are sat outside a café opposite Metropolis city bank when the cups on the tables begin to rattle. They get more violent then a giant toy robot is walking down the street and punches its way into the bank. Lois stunned rushes out and tells Clark to ring Perry telling him about the story as she runs over the road whilst ringing Jimmy Olsen to get down here.

The giant toy robot then comes out of the bank with bags of money when Superman appears and floats in front of the robot and asks the small man inside who he dubs “Toyman” to put them back. Toyman then fires rockets at Superman who takes the hits and stays exactly where he is unscathed and then grabs Toyman out of the robot and demolishes it in front of him. Toyman is being put in the back of a police car as Lois watches Superman fly away into the sky then turns around to see Clark smiling at her.