Write the text of your article...Its been a long time and i"ve decided things needed to be sorted out..I think the best way is to do an interview -type lets go..Yes ,i"ve been living in the sun for many years,but not quite there in the traditional way you might think..let"s go first real Eureka moment would have to be the could he absorb all that power..and yet all i could take in was solar energy?Then came Doomsday...he was so much more powerful..why?it took many years,but i finally tracked down the TRUE history of krypton,and it was quite a life-changer for me...first of all,my father wasnt just another scientist,he was the most brilliant of many ages..he completly devoured all the information on Doomsday...then he adjusted it and ultimatly perfected it...then applied it to me.He also put in failsafes to keep me from maturing too soon, trying to ensure the humans safety.turns out that i had at my disposal far more power than i i aged,i was able to access it..really the key was see,not all of Krypton was poisonous to krypton the fields were fertalized with a chemical that was designed to be the perfect absorber of sunlight.thousands of years of scientific study had perfected the complete mixture of chemicals that would absorb all the sun had to offer...when the planet exploded,chunks of this new element were sent outward...everytime it came close to me,it stole all of the solar energy i had stored,not realising how little this actually meant to my phiysioligy,my mind agreed with it,thus draining me.the failsafes automatically making such a little thing become my bane.Now..the multiverse..did you REALLY think that ANY one being could erase or eradicate ALL the universes???what the antimoniter did was to erase all HE could him this is infinite ..but did you know that there are universes that differ only in one leaf on a maple tree?they are after all INFINITE!some stories are progressive until a time displacement happens,imperceptible..but the whole origin and history changes,a complete shift happens when time is may not even be percieved,but the story has shifted to another universe.there are triggers you know not fact,im my time in the sun ,i have been and am EVERY superman on every world..even the bad see-nothing ends,they are all out there!!